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Are You A Photographer? Protect Your Equipment Properly With Your California Home Insurance Policy

Are You A Photographer? Protect Your Equipment Properly With Your California Home Insurance Policy

Photography is among one of most popular hobbies. Getting the proper California home insurance coverage for this hobby can be challenging for a couple of reasons. Most people who own a significant amount of photography equipment depend upon their homeowner’s policy to provide protection. However, unless the coverage has been specified, a homeowner’s policy will only provide a small amount of coverage for equipment (around $1,000) and no protection applies if this equipment is used for a business reasons. The best coverage option available is a Personal Articles Floater policy.

The Personal Articles Floater insures photography equipment against loss or destruction. Personal Articles Floater insurance protects the insured for all loss or damage to items scheduled on the policy. This policy applies to the property of the insured or the property of others that’s being used by the insured while that property is located anywhere in the world.

The Personal Articles Floater coverage extends to cameras, projection machines and accessories, lighting equipment, carrying/storage cases, motion picture equipment, sound, recording and playback accessories, home video cameras, playback recorders, and similar property (binoculars, telescopes, microscopes) etc.

However, the policy may not be used to cover: television cameras and equipment; coin or token operated devices; cameras or other camera property that benefits dealers or manufacturers; aerial cameras or radar cameras. The Personal Articles Floater does not cover loss or damage caused by wear and tear, gradual deterioration, insects, vermin, and hidden defects.

While Personal Articles Floater coverage is a good way to protect photography equipment, there are still some things that don’t qualify for coverage such as business activity involving:

  • coverage for high-valued, specialty equipment
  • liability for injury to others during photography activities
  • loss of commercial income
  • disability protection
  • work-related employee injuries
  • coverage for lost or destroyed film
  • coverage for property in photographer’s care or control

If you are a photographer by hobby or trade, call Remland Insurance at 714)532-3341 about getting the proper coverage for your equipment. It can simply be added to your California home insurance policy today!

Written by: Rhonda Remland

Photo Credit: Digital Photo Gear


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