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Are You A Caffeine Addict?

Are You A Caffeine Addict?

Are you a caffeine addict? Can you make it through your morning at work without that cup of coffee? Or order lunch without a soda? March is National Caffeine Awareness Month. It is a time to reflect on just how much you rely on caffeine to make it through your day. Caffeine can be a great way to gain some extra energy…but a caffeine addiction could potentially be very dangerous for your heart and other major organs.

Caffeinated beverages are consumed at least once a day by 80% of Americans. The substance is mostly found in beverages, but also can be eaten in chocolate. Here are some interesting stats on the amounts of caffeine we consume on a daily basis:

5 oz. Brewed Coffee (drip) = 115mg

2 oz. Espresso = 100mg

5 oz. Brewed Tea = 40mg

12oz. Caffeinated Soft Drink = 35mg

12oz. Energy Drink = 160mg+

5 Hour Energy Drink = 138mg

1oz. Chocolate Milk = 5mg

Caffeine is a mild stimulant that has been known to dehydrate the body and cause un-natural side effects. Heart palpitations, headaches, tremors (shakes) and weight gain are all common symptoms of a caffeine addict. If consumed in large quantities, caffeine can also alter your calcium and iron intake and overall mood.

Caffeine is a great natural substance created for us to enjoy, but it is best in moderation (as are all things J). Savor your morning coffee but maybe skip out on the afternoon and evening soda. To find out if you are a caffeine addict…check out this quiz! Happy Caffeine Awareness Month!  

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