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Are Clogged Pipes Covered by Homeowners Insurance Coverage?

Homeowners insurance coverage

Are Clogged Pipes Covered by Homeowners Insurance Coverage?

Homeowners insurance coverage keeps you and your loved ones protected against unfortunate incidents (theft, vandalism, natural disasters, fire, etc.) while you are in or away from home. Generally, it covers the damage or destruction to your home’s structure (building) and personal belongings in and around your premises. It also covers sudden/accidental plumbing issues like a burst pipe. However, will a clogged pipe count as sudden/accidental damage? Let’s find out.

Does Homeowners Insurance Provide Coverage for Clogged Pipes?

No! Homeowners insurance does not cover any damage to pipes (including clogs) caused by negligence. Any pipe won’t clog overnight. Rather it must be old or rusted. Thus, a clogged pipe is often counted as the result of poor maintenance or negligence. As such, if you had repaired it on time the damage could have been avoided.

When Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Plumbing Issues?

Homeowners insurance covers water damage to your home or personal property resulting from a pipe burst regardless of its underlying cause. However, if a pipe bursts due to a maintenance issue, it will not be covered. Also, if the resulting water damage makes your home uninhabitable, you can file a claim under loss of use coverage. This will help cover the cost of your additional living expenses while your home is under repair.

How to Cover Clogged Pipes?

While a basic homeowners policy does not cover clogged pipes, you can add a water backup endorsement to stay covered against all types of pipe and plumbing issues. Water backup coverage protects you against pipe leaks and clogs resulting from drain backups and sump pump backups, letting you file a claim for the losses.

Tips to Keep the Pipes Clog-Free

One of the worst things that a homeowner can face is a clogged pipe. If a pipe clogs, the dust and debris build-up will cause it to burst and leak causing property damage.

While you can easily fix the clogged pipes with a drain snake or liquid solution, the following measures can help you maintain clog-free pipes:

  • Replace the plumbing system if the pipes are rusted or have become older
  • Clean the drains with hot water to wash off any oily or solid wastes
  • Don’t put leftover food, grease, or oil down the sink.
  • Use drain protectors that prevent food or hair from going down the drain.
  • Schedule regular maintenance to detect problems before they turn into expensive repairs.

Knowing what kind of plumbing damages are covered by homeowners insurance covers will help you make an informed decision while filing claims or buying additional endorsements.

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