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Answering Common Homeowners Insurance Coverage Questions

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Answering Common Homeowners Insurance Coverage Questions

Understanding your home insurance.

As a homeowner, you know that your insurance offers dwelling, personal property, personal liability, and additional living expenses coverage.  But what are the limits of your homeowners insurance in Orange, California?  To help you understand your policy, here are the answers to some common home insurance coverage questions.

  • Does home insurance cover water damage?

When it comes to water damage, homeowners insurance covers certain types but not others.  For instance, if the cause of water damage is sudden and accidental, then it will be covered by your insurance.  For instance, if your washing machine suddenly broke down or a pipe suddenly burst, then your insurance would cover the water damage caused by this event, including the damage caused to your personal possessions.

However, your home insurance will not cover water damage if it is the result of your negligence.  For instance, if you failed to maintain your water heater and it deteriorated to the point of breaking down, then you would not have coverage for subsequent water damage.  This is because your insurer sees this damage as a result of your negligence rather than an unavoidable surprise.  Additionally, your home policy specifically excludes coverage for the water damage caused by water backup and floods.  You can secure coverage for these exclusions through a policy endorsement and specialty flood policy, respectively.

  • Does home insurance cover theft?

Homeowners insurance covers theft both inside and outside your home.  For instance, if someone broke into your home and stole your television, then you would have coverage to replace your television and repair the damages the burglars caused.  If your phone was stolen while you were traveling, then your home insurance would also cover the cost of replacing your phone.

Homeowners insurance will only cover your belongings up to a certain coverage limit.  So, if you have high-value items that exceed these limits, then they will not be covered by your policy.  You can secure additional coverage for valuable items through policy endorsements or by securing specialty policies for specific items.

  • Does home insurance cover earthquake or flood damages?

Standard home insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for earthquakes and floods.  The only way to protect against these natural disasters is by securing a specialty earthquake or flood insurance policy.

This is what you need to know about your home insurance coverage.  Do you have additional questions about your homeowners insurance in Orange, California?  If so, then contact the experts at Remland Insurance for assistance today.


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