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A Pool Gate Can Save A Life

A Pool Gate Can Save A Life

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A backyard pool can be so much fun during these hot summer days. Pool parties, gatherings and of course birthday celebrations all account for terrific reasons to use the pool…but it’s very important to remember just how dangerous a pool can be when it’s not properly protected when “life guards”are not on duty.

Millions of Americans own homes that have a backyard pool or spa. Unfortunately, each year thousands of pool related accidents happen resulting in injuries, hospital stays and even preventable deaths across the nation. In the state of California, drowning is one of the top leading causes of death at home for children under 5 years of age which makes it imperative that home pools and spas are properly secured.

The shocking facts state that most of the children who are drowning victims at their own home are being “watched” by a parent when the accident occurs. Pool barriers, or gates surrounding the pool are affordable,simple to install and can potentially be life-saving!  A successful pool barrier prevents a child from getting over, under or through and keeps the child from gaining access to the pool except when an adult is present.

California home insurance offers pool coverage and liability that goes along with owning an in-ground pool. Be sure to speak with your agent today and get the proper protection for your home. Pool accidents can be prevented 100% with the proper supervision and equipment. Installing alarms on all doors leading to the backyard, putting up a secure fence or safety net and regularly talking to children or guests about pool safety is a step in the right direction.

For additional information about California home insurance,please contact an agent at Remland Insurance today by calling 714) 532-3341.

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