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A Lo Jack Auto Theft System Could Save You Money

A Lo Jack Auto Theft System Could Save You Money


In today’s world, car owners cannot be too careful when it comes to protecting their vehicles from auto-theft lurking in the distance. Thousands of vehicles are stolen out of people’s driveways each night across America and the thief’s have become so skilled at certain vehicles that they vanish without a trace and often taken to another state or country (Mexico) where the vehicle won’t be easy to track. 

The following are some great safety tips that will help prevent your vehicle from being stolen or even broken into in the future. If a car thief sees that these precautions have been taken, they most likely will abandon the vehicle and move onto the next car because your extra few seconds preparing your car could save you from a total loss. Your California auto insurance should contain full coverage of your vehicle is lost or stolen, but be sure to check with your agent to gain a full understanding of your current coverage.

Safety Tip Suggestions:
Lock your vehicle, even in the driveway of your home
Park with the vehicles wheels turned sharply right or left
Have a Lo Jack System installed (insurance savings)
Pull the emergency brake up to prevent the vehicle from being towed
Hide valuables (iPod’s, phones, navigation systems)
Activate anti-theft system (alarm)
Use garage whenever possible
Park in well lit areas (near light posts)

Use common sense when parking your vehicle in an un-safe looking neighborhood and always park near a light pole or well lit area. When thieves are desperate, they will notice that you are out-of-place and consider your vehicle a target to be stolen. Give Remland Insurance a call if you have any further questions about your California auto insurance coverage at 714) 532-3341


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