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8 Money-Saving DIY Tips for Auto Owners

8 Money-Saving DIY Tips for Auto Owners

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Budgeting is hard to do for most families in today’s economy. People are living in a different way than they could 10 years ago, and the money seems to get tighter and tighter by the year. If it’s not taxes then its family expenses or school tuition on the rise. Life throws one thing after another at you and your family sometimes so our staff got together to help compile a list of DIY money saving tips and tricks to help you cut automotive costs in 2013.

DIY stands for “do it yourself,” and if any of the following tasks seem out of your comfort zone we do recommend seeking professional automotive help, however these tasks are all considered the simplest when it comes to auto maintenance so we wanted to share a quick list with you:

8 Money-saving DIY tips for automobile owners:

  1. Replace your own windshield wipers (savings of$30-40)
  2. Wash and wax your own car (savings of $8-75)
  3. Change Light bulbs (savings of $20-40)
  4. De-fog headlights (savings of $30-80)
  5. Change the Sir Filter (Savings of $50)
  6. Change Oil and Oil Filter (savings of $19-75)
  7. Battery Service (savings of $25-50)
  8. Purchase the right California auto insurance (savings unlimited with Remland Insurance Services)

These simple fixes can all be done at home in your driveway.All materials needed for them are available at your local Auto Zone or Pep Boys stores…if you find a good cashier/worker there, they will often assist you in instructing what needs to happen to make the fix. YouTube is also a great resource for learning how to perform DIY fixes to your home, automobile and more! 


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