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7 Tips For Creating A Comprehensive Home Inventory!

7 Tips For Creating A Comprehensive Home Inventory!

7 Tips For Creating A Comprehensive Home Inventory!As a homeowner, you have most likely purchased a homeowners insurance policy to protect your home against theft, loss, or damage. However, your home should not be your only concern! Your home houses your precious belongings, all of which are at risk of the same threats. Your possessions are covered under your homeowners insurance, but how can you know what you have lost if you have not yet created a home inventory?

Compiling a home inventory can help you to track the value of your goods, and speed up the process of making an insurance claim. Additionally, it can assist you with determining how much coverage is right for you. Follow these tips for creating a complete home inventory:

  1. Be prepared to create two different types of inventories to increase security. You should have one in list-form, and another visual-form.
  2. For your list, make sure to include the serial number, model, and make of every item in your home. If you can remember the date you purchased the item, then it should also be included. An excel spreadsheet works best for this task.
  3. Decide whether you would like to use a video camera or regular camera for your visual record. You can walk through room-by-room with a recorder, or simply snap photos of each item.
  4. Start by moving from room to room. Remember to include all of the possessions kept in your attic, basement, sheds, garage, or other detached structures.
  5. You should spend a little extra time documenting your most valuable items.
  6. If you have any receipts of your purchases, be sure to include them with your documentation. The same goes for credit card statements, and appraisals. Update this is often as you can to ensure it is always up-to-date.
  7. Store your home inventory in a fireproof safe, or safe deposit box. This will make sure it is not lost in the case of a fire, or other disaster.

For any additional questions regarding the claims process, or a homeowner’s insurance policy, please contact the trusted agents at Remland Insurance Services, Inc., located in Orange!


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