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6 Tips for Rainy Day Driving

6 Tips for Rainy Day Driving

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This weekend here in Orange County is supposed to be full of beautiful rain! Our state needs it badly, and it’s wonderful for all of the plants and trees that need a good watering…but it is extremely dangerous for all of the drivers out and about on the open roads. Our staff got together and shared some rainy day driving tips to send to our customers, and this is what we came up with:

  • First things first…SLOW DOWN! We recommend adjusting you speed at least 10 mph less on the roads and 15 or more on the freeways
  • Stay in the middle lane, it’s the highest part of the street so less water is likely to collect there making it safer for your tires to stop and accelerate
  • Avoid using your brakes suddenly. In rain, it is more beneficial to take your foot off the accelerator then to slam on the brakes and slide out
  • Turn on your headlights! It’s much easier to see and for other drivers to see you during the rain
  • Never drive into or through rushing water, if your vehicle is small, find an alternate route or wait to cross until the water has stopped so your vehicle does not get swept off the road
  • Be sure your California auto insurance premium is all paid up! Getting in a car accident without coverage could get expensive!

Now that the holidays are in full swing, we encourage you to plan your shopping trips when you notice the rain dying down. It’s best to avoid driving in the rain all together, but especially when it’s a complete downpour. Have a wonderful first weekend in December!  


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