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69% of Renter’s Do Not Have Insurance Coverage

69% of Renter’s Do Not Have Insurance Coverage

A poll taken by the Insurance Information Institute in 2012 found a shocking statistic stating that 96 percent of homeowners had homeowners insurance, but only 31 percent of renters had a renter’s insurance policy. If you rent your current home, please be aware that not a single item you possess is covered if a fire, flood or break in were to happen tomorrow. Renter’s insurance bridges the gap between the owners dwelling fire policy and your physical possessions if loss were to occur.

Renters insurance is one of the least expensive insurance policies money can but, if your home or apartment get damaged or destroyed in a tragic accident…you will have the proper coverage to replace your possessions including clothing, artwork, furniture, instruments, kitchen gear and more! The owner of the buildings coverage will most likely only cover the actual structure and not any of the goods inside so this policy is your very best bet to be safe in your rented space.

Some renter’s policies include injury or no-fault medical coverage for your guests if someone were to get injured while visiting your home. This is something to ask your insurance agent about since policy details vary depending on the carrier, but if you like to entertain and constantly have guests over this is an added bonus!  Be sure to share special or expensive items with your agent so that they are properly listed on your policy (wedding rings, vintage instruments etc.). The estimated cost of all this coverage is somewhere around $10-20 per month depending on your coverage limits and stipulations. It’s a small price to pay and will give you a huge relief to know your special items are all protected.

Remland Insurance agents are here to help! If you are in the statistic of the 69% of renters who do not have any coverage, it’s time to make a change! Give Remland Insurance a call today at 714) 532-3341 to get a quote today or simply fill out our online quote request form


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