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$6,000 for a Washing Machine Hose?

$6,000 for a Washing Machine Hose?

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“The challenge with piping is that it is often out of sight,largely concealed in walls and under slabs, and ignored until failure occurs…”was a quote that truly stuck out to our office staff as we reviewed last month’sedition of Insurance Journal magazine.  It’s so very true that we trust “all is well” with the plumbing of our homes until there is a major issue! As homeowners we often get caught up in the day to day tasks of typical maintenance but forget to check out the major systems that help our house function each day.

One simple check-up we recommend doing monthly is taking time to survey your washer and dryer connections. More than half of the water damage claims related to washing machines happen due to broken water hoses. The average water damage claim costs more than $6,000 to repair and can be prevented with a little attention to detail.

Washing machine hoses typically break due to:

  • Age – Hoses should be replaced every 5 years,most that break are 8+ years old
  • Material Malfunction – Old materials cannot stand up to hot and cold well
  • Installation Errors – Kinks in the hose or improper attachment on either end can cause leaks
  • Manufacturing Defects – Cracks, crimps and blockage can occur if poorly or cheaply designed (pay the extra $)

Take sometime this week and check out the connection and condition of your washing machine hoses. A five minute check-up could truly help save your home from a massive water damage claim. We highly recommend only running the washing machine while home, and never while away. If an incident occurs there is much more chance you can catch and prevent lots of damage by being home.   For more home insurance tips, check out the Remland Insurance blog!  



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