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5 Questions About Obamacare Coverage

5 Questions About Obamacare Coverage


The word “Obamacare” is on the tip of every American’s tongue these days and with good reason….it is going into effect VERY soon! The major issue with the new health care plan is most Americans have absolutely no idea how it will impact them as soon as it’s implemented into their daily lives. Not only does it represent a big change in coverage it also will cost the country billions of dollars to execute the details and plan.

The simplest way to describe Obamacare is by breaking it down into easy to understand points that will impact each and every citizen of our great Country:

  • If your current employer doesn’t offer healthcare coverage, where will I be able to purchase it?

Once Obamacare is in full effect,insurance coverage will be purchased on a health insurance exchange program.There will be a few options of standardized policies so it will be easy to compare coverage. States will be divided into zones where agents will directly sell customers the coverage needed.

  • What is the price based on?

Price is based on FOUR main factors:

Age, Rating Area (high income/low income districts), Number of people in family, Tobacco use

  • Will the cost be sky high?

It will depend on the coverage you choose and amount of people you plan to pay for. It will also depend if you are on a group plan or not sort of similar to today’s health care system but factoring in income level and geographic region.

  • When does Obamacare start?

Individual coverage, open enrollment starts on October 1, 2013! It’s coming quickly, so if you plan to enroll we suggest you do during open enrollment or you will have to wait until the following year.

  • Will President Obama and his wife, children and other key government employees be covered by Obamacare?

No. That’s right, there is a clause stating that the President and a select group of named people will not be affected by the Obamacare plan. Why you may ask? Our staff believes it’s because this is not the most effective way to insure the entire country, therefore we suggest you do A LOT of reading up on the actual policy before you enroll.

Some food for thought…our staff here at Remland Insurance is willing to help you navigate through this major change in the health care industry. Give us a call today at 714)532-3341 to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff. 


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