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5 Laundry Tips For Stain Fighting Families

5 Laundry Tips For Stain Fighting Families


It is rare that you will ever meet someone who is excited about laundry day. Laundry piles up each day creating hours of work for the homemaker in the family, making it one of the most dreaded house chores to date. We are fortunate here in America to have access to nice washer and dryer machines while a lot of the world still use washboards and hang laundry on lines to dry. Here are some helpful hints and tips that will hopefully make your next laundry day a breeze and even somewhat enjoyable!

Laundry Tips and Tricks:

  • Purchasing a 3-compartment laundry hamper can save time and disaster on laundry day! Whites, Brights and Delicates will be ready to go without separating on laundry day!  
  • Lemons are a natural stain remover for whites! Next time you get a stain on your white shirt simply cover the stain with lemon juice and leave it outside in the sun for a few hours and the stain should be gone!
  • Armpit stains are normally very tricky to get out of a shirt, but if you mix Dawn dish soap, 4 tbls. Hydrogen Peroxide and 3 tbls. Baking Soda together you can create an affordable scrub that will get out those tough yellow stains.
  • Grease stains can be treated with a piece of chalk! Rub the chalk on the area that grease has been, let sit for 10 minutes and add to your normal load of wash.
  • Give each family member a mesh bag to place dirty socks in…that way socks can be washed and returned to the correct person and nothing gets lost!

Make laundry fun this week by trying some of these simple, homemade tips for the toughest stains your family faces. Get the entire family involved making stain removers, rubbing lemons and “chalking” out grease stains! Be sure to clean your washing machine monthly with 1 Cup of Bleach and hot water! This will prevent mold, mildew and smells from growing in your machine.


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