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5 Easy Home Improvement Ideas to Make Your Home Comfortable and Affordable!

Home improvement ideas

5 Easy Home Improvement Ideas to Make Your Home Comfortable and Affordable!

Are you thinking about improving your quality of life with home improvement projects? Not only can you modernize your home’s appearance, but also make it more affordable with lower energy costs. Part of this strategy should involve investing in smart technology, which will give you digital information on the status of your home’s utility usage at your fingertips.

Here are five easy home improvement ideas to get you started!

  1. Embrace smart technology

    One of the most modern ways to cut home energy costs is to equip your home with smart technology. Based on Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, you can monitor different machines and conditions with your smartphone. The technology includes remote controls that let you make heating, cooling, and lighting adjustments to your home from any location. Smart thermostats cost from $200 to $250, but the money they save you on the cost of utilities is well worth it in the long run.

  2. Conserve water and save money

    You can dramatically cut monthly utility expenses by cutting back on water use. You can reduce water usage by making basic adjustments to faucets and pipes. For the laundry room, you can invest in a new washing machine hose to prevent flooding. Shutting off the washing machine creates a shock and weakens the hose, which can lead to flooding. Adding a thermostatic mixing valve to your water heater helps control temperature and water reduction.

    For the bathroom, you can reduce water usage by switching to a low-flow showerhead. This strategy can save up to 60 percent on your water bill. Another technique for saving water is installing a full 20-ounce water bottle in the toilet tank.

  3. Invest in a home security system

    Installing a security system in your home, particularly with video surveillance cameras, sends a message to burglars to get out or get caught. Not only does a home security system reduce crime, but it can even cut home insurance costs by 20 percent by reducing risks. For the best results at deterring criminals, your system should include an alarm with lighting activated by motion detector sensors. Another way to cut home insurance costs is by residing in a zip code with a low crime rate.

  4. Consider ceiling fans

    Ceiling fans installed in the living room and bedrooms provide an excellent alternative to standard air conditioning. Not only will it lower energy costs by up to 30 percent, but it will also create a wind-chill effect that allows for a lower thermostat setting (up to 7 degrees lower) to generate an acceptable level of comfort. Additionally, fan and lighting fixtures create an interesting room ambiance. Other ways to offset high energy costs include wearing lighter clothes in summer and heavier clothes in winter.

  5. Think about solar panels

    The price of solar panels has dropped tremendously in the past decade, allowing more and more homeowners to consider adding them. Government tax credits and other incentives have helped fuel this revolution. Solar panels are also becoming more powerful and efficient, making the investment even more worthwhile. The turnaround time on ROI is also accelerating, as the initial investment can now be recovered in about seven years. In the process, you’ll be cutting energy bills.

Planning for home improvement projects has multiple long-term benefits that will help make your home more comfortable plus cut energy and insurance costs. The more you contribute to your own sustainability, the more you’ll be helping society as well. Contact us at Remland Insurance for more information about protecting your home with the right coverage plan.


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