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4 Signs You Need a Tech Break

4 Signs You Need a Tech Break


In this technology driven world, it’s easy to find yourself completely consumed by social media, new gadgets, computer problems and more, but have you ever stopped to think about just how many precious hours a day you spend with technology?

There is a good chance YOU could use a tech break…yes YOU! We never notice it in ourselves, but others around us feel the constant strain in your relationship, attitude and productivity. The gadgets that were designed to make life “easier” in fact make some users crazy! The following are four signs that you may need a technology break:

  1. Your patience is constantly running low – You become irritated if an internet page doesn’t load quick enough, or become extremely frustrated when an innocent old lady takes a bit too long at the grocery store checkout line due to writing a check. Others not using technology irritate you, and you see no other way to go about daily tasks then with your iPhone.
  2. You feel naked without your phone – You cannot even go to the restroom anymore without having your phone with you. Missing a round of “Words with Friends” sets you off into a bad mood the rest of the afternoon.
  3. Checking your inbox causes you to burn dinner – It’s easy to become so engrossed in technology that you forget to flip the burgers, drain the pasta or burn the cookies! Use the timer feature on your technological device to prevent any major food losses!
  4. A battery dying seems like the “end of the world” – If your computer or phone is dead by 3:00pm, you cannot possible imagine how you will live through the day. Remember to charge properly, and rely on other forms of communication to get things done

Do you need a tech break? I’m sure some of our staff here at Remland Insurance does…since we are working away online daily to better serve our customers sometimes we forget to take a quick break and re-group. Remember what’s truly important in your lives and don’t let technology rule over those situations. Watching your child take their first steps far outweighs how many “Angry Birds” you kill.


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