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25,000 Boats Damaged By Superstorm Sandy. Is Your Boat Properly Insured?

25,000 Boats Damaged By Superstorm Sandy. Is Your Boat Properly Insured?


An estimated 25,000 privately owned boats were damaged when superstorm “Sandy” hit the New Jersey shore earlier this year. The cost of the damage of just the boats is guessed to be somewhere near $242 million and counting. It was truly a tragic event for each and every person in Sandy’s path, and has allowed the nation to band together to support this cause. Many boat owners were able to get their boats repaired; others had no choice but to turn boats over to the salvage yard.

Understanding the proper boat owners coverage is tricky. It’snot the same at the more common automobile coverage, yet it pertains directly to how you use your boat, where you use your boat and of course the value of your boat. Coverage spans from the location you store your equipment, trailer and boat to being out on the water. Varieties offered tend to protect physical property as well as protection against legal and financial consequences if an injury or damage to another boat occurs.

Remland Insurance can help you obtain these coverage options for your boatowners insurance  policy:

  • Boats – The actual structure, sails, permanent equipment, fitting and spars
  • Boat Equipment – Accessories, flotation devices,radios, communication devices, navigation systems, sonar, radar, outboard motors,skis, sporting equipment and more!  
  • Boat Trailers – Trailers used to transport theboat defined by the policy
  • Boat Liability Coverage – Protects the owner if injury or damage were to happen to another person then the boat owner

Our agents at Remland Insurance are happy to help explain the proper coverage your boat or personal watercraft may need. Storms and events such as superstorm Sandy are unexpected and can cause a lot of damage.But with the proper insurance coverage and policy details, you can have peace of mind trusting that your equipment is taken care of properly.

*Source: Insurance Journal 


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