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2 Things to Know About Equipment Breakdown Insurance

2 Things to Know About Equipment Breakdown Insurance

3 Things to Know About Equipment Breakdown InsuranceWhen your heavy equipment suddenly breaks down, do you have the necessary resources to repair it and get your business back up and running again? 

When there’s something strange. In your equipment room. Who you gonna call? Well, that call won’t mean much if you’re not covered with equipment breakdown insurance because you’ll have to pay through the roof to get the machinery back up and running again. This kind of coverage protects businesses that operate heavy equipment against common setbacks like explosions, malfunctions, and breakdowns caused by storms, fires, any other natural disasters. This kind of protection can be crucial to a company’s survival when disaster strikes. When it comes to machines, it’s not entirely a matter of “if,” but rather a matter of “when.” Here is what you need to know about equipment breakdown insurance and what it can do for your business.

What is covered? 

For something to be covered by equipment breakdown insurance, the failure must be sudden and accidental. Meaning, it can’t be the result of you ignoring the problem, and then breaking down. An example of this would be a short circuit, electrical arcing, or mechanical breakdown where a gear or shaft or centrifuge or cooler breaks down.

What kind of equipment are covered?

Fire pressured vessels, steam boilers, hot-water boilers, sterilizers, vulcanizers, electrical equipment, transformers, generators, air-conditioning systems, electronic data processing, computer equipment and telephone systems all have the potential to be covered under this type of policy. To make sure that your equipment qualifies for protection, simply call your insurance agency and find out.

Our staff at Remland Insurance is very experienced in all matters regarding equipment breakdown insurance and would be happy to answer any further questions you may have regarding this issue.  We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to quote your California insurance coverage in 2016! Contact us today.


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