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19th Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake – Are You Prepared?

19th Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake – Are You Prepared?

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On January 17, 1994 southern California was struck by a massive earthquake that did lasting damage to many freeways, homes and buildings in the area. Los Angeles and Orange County sit on top of countless active fault lines that can truly go off any minute. That fateful day, 57 people lost their lives and families were forever changed. Most of our staff remembers waking up in the 4:00am hour when their homes were rumbling and tumbling just hoping it would stop.

The magnitude of the Northridge Earthquake was measured as a 6.7, and there were no immediate foreshocks. The quake took place about 12 miles underground and lasted a total of 8 seconds, although it took extra times for the earth to actually settle from the shaking.  Eleven aftershocks were measured throughout the rest of 1994 and it took months and months for the county of Los Angeles to recover. The millions of residents impacted by the events were not properly prepared. They didn’t have supplies, they didn’t know the emergency plan and they certainly were not prepared for the cleanup that was to take months after the event.   

Being earthquake prepared doesn’t just mean having a box of stored food in your garage, or a tank full of water.

It means…

  • Fastening shelves and large furniture to the walls with brackets
  • Storing breakable items on lower shelves so they do not fall off and injure anyone
  • Strapping your water heater to the wall with the appropriate straps
  • Repairing any foundation cracks or wall cracks in the home
  • Teaching children how to call 911
  • Locating a safe place the entire family knows where to gather
  • Storing water & food in a place accessible if emergency happens
  • Teaching the family how to turn off the gas, electric and water sources
  • Keeping all important documents and medications accessible for a quick getaway
  • Learning the “Drop, Cover & Hold On” method

It’s time to talk to your family about an emergency plan so that when the next quake or disaster happens they are more prepared then they are today! Remland Insurance also offers Earthquake coverage that can be added to your current California home insurance policy. We highly recommend this coverage option and would be happy to give you an estimated cost. Give our office a call today at 714) 532-3341.  


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