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13 Tips To Improve Your Office Lunch Break

13 Tips To Improve Your Office Lunch Break

Lunch breaks are getting shorter and shorter in today’s busy economy. Office staff often works through their lunch break to meet deadlines, impress their boss or to catch up on work that has fallen behind. If you can force yourself to take that half hour or hour time to accomplish items outside of work that need to be dealt with, then you will be more likely to work strong throughout the rest of the workday. Taking care of home issues, children, work out or running a few quick errands can truly help relax you in the afternoon.

The following 13 lunch break suggestions are inspired by Forbes Magazine, so be sure to take notes:

  • Make a Plan for the rest of the day
  • Eat a healthy lunch! Good food is the best fuel you could give your body to last the entire afternoon.
  • Leave your workspace. Sit somewhere else while enjoying your food to change up the scenery.
  • Skip the soda, and drink lots of fresh brewed iced tea or water. Soda may taste great, but will make you feel sluggish in the afternoon.
  • Run some errands – Grocery Shop, Dry Cleaners, Bank and more are great things to get done during the lunch hour.
  • Try to have lunch with a new co-worker once a month; this will help build office morale.
  • Meet a friend for lunch; it will inspire the rest of your day to be great!
  • Read an inspirational book, or arrange an Office Book Club meeting weekly.
  • Hit the gym, or go on a long walk. Be sure to bring the appropriate gear so you’re ready to go at noon!
  • Network with other professionals in your industry, this is a great way to learn from one another.
  • Don’t be so routine; change up the restaurants or variety of food you choose daily.
  • Avoid the computer! Give yourself and your eyes a break from the constant demand of the internet and your email!
  • Go outdoors! The fresh air will rejuvenate your mind and ability to face the next 4 hours!

Happy Friday from all of us at Remland Insurance Services. We sure hope you enjoyed and learned from these helpful lunch-break tips! Our staff really enjoys spending time exploring Old Towne Orange (where our office is located) during our breaks and discovering new restaurants and places to shop!


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