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10 Obamacare Facts the President Doesn’t Want You to Know

10 Obamacare Facts the President Doesn’t Want You to Know

For those of you keeping track, Obamacare launches in lessthan 90 days! Healthcare as we know it here in America WILL change permanently and it’s time to get educated on the ins and outs of the legislation. The main concern for most American is the secretive nature of the entire program. We don’t know about you, but it’s extremely concerning for us as an Independent Insurance Agency and small business here in California not knowing what we should fully expect come October 2013.

Obamacare Photo.JPGThere are a million articles out there explaining bits and pieces of what Obamacare will entail, but no one quite knows the full repercussions of this program long term. President Obama and his staff have created a document consisting of 20,000+ pages that no American will ever be able to read through and the following 10 points are just a few of the highlights we have come across while studying the documents summaries:

  • There are currently 19 million people covered by individual health policies, and roughly 6 million of those enrolled will be hit with a 46% annual increase
  • About 3 million people will lose their health insurance completely due to the Congressional Budget Office projects (CBO)
  • Health insurers will most likely need toincrease premiums between 1-9% in order to manage costs
  • By 2019, an estimated 12 million people couldlose their company provided health benefits due to extreme cost for employers
  • Part-time employees will be forced to pay fortheir own health coverage out of pocket as the new law required any employeeincluded in insurance paperwork to work more than 30 hours weekly
  • The typical family will see an annual increaseof $2,100 for a family of four, and expected to cost around $20,000 by 2016
  • If not set up correctly by your employer,Obamacare plans can take money straight out of your paycheck to fund plans youdon’t necessarily support
  • Cancer hospitals will ration care according tothe patients age (pg. 272 – section 1145)
  • Obamacare will provide health insurance tonon-U.S. residents, legal and illegal (pg. 50 – section 152)
  • At age 76, according to page 272 of Obamacareyou will no longer be eligible for cancer treatment

October is approaching quickly. Doyou feel prepared for all the changes coming to your home? Be sure to ask youremployer what he/she plans to do in regards to the office health care insuranceand get all the facts you need by visiting the governments website at .


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